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The Important Critique Group


Rachael Tamayo

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As much as it pains us writers to offer up the words that we poured our heart and soul into to others to cut apart, it’s a very necessary part of the process. A critique group can do wonders for your writing. It can be what makes you great. The ability to look over a detailed critism of your work with an eye trained to toss out the crap and use those little golden nuggets can be the single thing that teaches you the skills you need to break the boundaries into publication.

It's a difficult step to make, truly. You sit at your computer day after day, pouring this world you’ve created onto the pages of your computer. You edit. You revise. Eventually you develop a sort of blindness to your own work after reading it over and over again. This is why you need someone else to look it over. Preferably someone that will be honest, knows a bit about writing and grammar, and can go through it for you and find those plot holes, ask you the questions about your characters that you didn’t think of, or present options to you that get your imagination sparked anew and creating whole new scenes for you precious manuscript.

So, how do you go about this? You have your work ready for that fine tooth comb. That red slash of ink. There are many options. Do you have writer friends that will help you out? Give you inline critiques or an overall commentary of your work chapter by chapter?  There are also online options. I prefer these. Strangers that also write will be your best critique partners. They know the way things work, and they are strangers. They have no interest in saying “it’s great” in fear of hurting your feelings.  They will bust out the proverbial red pen and be brutal.

I’ve found a website that I’m very loyal too, called critique Circle. For a minimal monthly fee, I’ve found that this site and these other writers are the thing that I needed to push me, help me find my voice, and improve my writing. I’ve made some great friends as well, all around the world. 

So, in the end. When you think you’re ready to take that next step, find your critique buddies and tell them to do their worst. You will be better for it in the end.

About the writer: Rachael Tamayo is the author of Chase Me (Friend-Zone series book One), and The Stones, a short story that is currently in Solstice Publishing’s anthology: Let’s Have Fun Vol 3 and is soon to be released in a stand-alone short story version to be available on Amazon.

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