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Christmas Sale – The Last Hero Just .99 cents!

The Last Hero is on sale over the holiday. Starting on Christmas Eve at 12 A.M. PST till 12 Noon PST Christmas Day, it will be just .99 cents.

From Christmas Day at 12 Noon PST till the 27th, it will be just $1.99.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Last Hero, I had to write it

I never thought I'd write a book. Heck, for most of my life, getting beyond page three of any school writing project felt like a Herculean task. I think the difference between now and then, is my writing doesn't feel forced, like the story is there, I just need to get it out. Maybe that's the difference between writing what you want as opposed to what you have too.

Thinking about it now, it almost feels as if The Last Hero grew itself organically rather than having been written. My over active imagination, love for military history, science fiction addiction, blindness, failed military career, daughter, and more were filtered through my fingers onto the page. It's a nexus where several pieces of my life came together. Believe me, that sounds far easier than it was.

I've always used my imagination as an escape hatch from life. As far back as I can remember I'd bolt from mundane situations in my mind, transporting myself to excitement and adventure. I'm sure most kids do this, but for me, I've never stopped. Today, I do this as a coping mechanism. I'm loosing my sight to a genetic disorder, reason for my failed military career, and I find it relaxing to drift off into worlds where I don't have that limitation.

These fantasies were always content to live inside my head until I read The Forever War. That classic sparked something inside me. Science fiction has always been my preferred genre for TV and movies, but as far as books go, I used to only read military history. After stumbling upon The Forever War everything changed. I couldn't read enough military science fiction and those stories in my head started to become restless.

I also can't understate the importance of my daughter's birth in helping to shape the story in my first novel. There are a select few things I truly love in his world, my wife for one, so the feeling isn't foreign to me. However, I honestly wasn't prepared for the body blow of raw emotion, of pure unconditional love, I felt the second I held my baby girl for the first time. From then on, I couldn't imagine a universe that she wasn't a part of, where that incredible connection didn't exist. Her presence in my life enriched and brought depth to my fantasy worlds. She brought meaning and purpose to them.

Literally bursting at the seems, I had to get the stories out. So, I started to write and write, then I rewrote and rewrote. Before I knew it, a few years had pasted and I'd written four books. Finally, I decided to try and get one published. Fortunately, Solstice Publishing saw fit to give me a chance and agreed to release the The Last Hero.

If you read my book, I hope you enjoy if and can feel the passion that went into its creation. It will be the first of many, I don't have a choice, the stories have to come out.

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Interview with Ronel Van Tonder, author of COMPILE: QUEST

Danes: First, thanks for joining us today. Where did the idea for your novel come from?
My stories always begin as a single scene in my head. This story began with a futuristic dome (that piece, at least, remained), and gargantuan, mutated creatures attacking it, trying to get in. They didn’t survive the first casting.

I then work out the why’s behind the scene. Where did the creatures come from? Who built the dome? Why is the sky that awful shade of orange? Are those drones flying overhead or some twisted hybrid of machine and bird? More and more questions arrive until eventually the ghost of a story unfolds.

What led to this scene was the documentary: The Venus Project by Jacques Fresco. His work played a huge part in the construction and organization of the domed cities of future earth. His theory runs along the line that, without money, the world can operate in a resource-based economy, where resources are distributed as and when needed. I know he’s not fond of the term “Utopia”, but I feel it’s an accurate description of the paradise we could achieve.

Of course, every story needs conflict. So I researched various government structures, conspiracy theories and failed regimes to form the two distinct halves of future earth.

Danes: How did you start writing?
I can’t actually remember. I know it happened when I was primary school (which is equivalent to your elementary school). I wrote lots of poems and then worked my way up to short stories. Back then everything I wrote was heavily steeped in science-fiction, since I was a complete X-Files fangirl. Then I started reading King, Koontz, Herbert and Masterton, which inevitably brought more human monstrosities to my writing. And more blood. Then I took a hiatus of about five years when I didn’t pen a single word. Don’t ask me why. It just happened. Then the idea for this latest work came and hit me between the eye like a sledgehammer, and I’ve completely worn away the “E” “S” and “N” on my keyboard since then.

Danes: What does your writing process look like?
I explained a little of the start of it earlier, but there’s always more. Once a plot starts to develop, I start taking notes and save it somewhere safe until I’m ready to work on it. Eventually when I’m ready to write, I use the Snowflake method, described below.

It states that you start with a single sentence synopsis of your work. Which was nearly impossible, but I eventually got it right.

This sentence is then split into two sentences. Then four. Then eight. Like mitosis. Except, each piece is different, not identical.

Eventually you have your book split into about four acts, with about a paragraph for each act. You then write out the scenes you can envision each act needs.

When that’s done, you take a break and start work on your characters. Inevitably, you go back to your scenes and start adding/subtracting/dividing by zero etcetera.

What you’re left with, after a week or two’s labour is a highly detailed skeleton of your work. Then all that’s left is sitting down with a really big cup of coffee/tea/insert warm beverage here, a pair of adult diapers, and thrashing your keyboard until all your letters rub off.

It worked for me, and I’m using it for the second book as we speak, but it might not work for anyone. One thing I can say, I never had writer’s block. Not once. If I wasn’t in the mood to write a particular scene I could pick any random scene from the same chapter and just work on that one, because I already knew exactly what would happen.

Danes: Where is your book set?
South Africa, highveld region (Johannesburg/Pretoria). The year 2311. May.

Danes: Are your characters based on real people?
Nope. Not all. There’s absolutely no correlation between the ‘benevolent’ SUN corporation and anything going on today. Not at all. And I’m not a terrorist. Or a conspiracy theorist. Just putting that out there.

Danes: Did you always want to write?
Yes. More today than I ever did in the past. I think my only regret would be all those times I didn’t write, when I could have been writing. Because now I don’t have enough time to write, and it irks me.

Danes: Which character is your favorite and why?
It’s a toss-up between Jasper and Jinx. It’s also weird that both their names start with J, but we’ll just call that coincidence and move swiftly along.

I like Jasper because he’s such a befuddled old man, and his love for his wife is such a deep, yearning kind of love that I get sad whenever I’m writing his chapters.

Jinx I like because she’s got spunk. All cliché’s aside, she’s someone who tries so hard to be strong all the time, but has all these inner demons to contend with. She’s also spectacularly good at getting herself entrenched in various layers of crap, which makes writing her pieces tons of fun.

Danes: What authors do you enjoy reading? Why?
King – Because if there’s someone who knows how to create characters that breathe, eat and… die, then it’s him.

Pratchett – I’m such a fan. His world-building, his character-unleashing, his plots. *sigh* Such a fan.

Jordan – His Wheel of Time series had me this close to doing an entire 3D movie based on his books. For which I would have been sued, no doubt, but it would have been worth it. Luckily this book came to save me from sure imprisonment and a few years in Guantanamo for copyright infringement.

Danes: What are you reading right now?
A Bright Power Rising by Noel Coughlan. It’s a fantasy with an impressive culture and society. I’m only halfway through, but enjoying it immensely.

Danes: What’s next for you?
Ha ha – not sleep, that’s for sure. I sometimes (only briefly) wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if I’d never started writing again. Because I’m running low on sleep. And time. And years left in my life.

I am attempting to complete (in this lifetime or the next), the following:
- Book 2 & 3 of the Corrupted SUN Script
- Children of the Night – A hard sci-fi novel
- A WIP without a name (or at least, not a name I’d be willing to publish in this interview) – A comedy/YA sci-fi series
- Zealot – A horror
- Pretty Dead Things – A horror
- Hellborn – A paranormal series with elements of horror and dark comedy
- Good Boy – Don’t know what genre this will eventually be labelled as, but I’m thinking general fiction? It’s about a dog. That can talk. Please don’t laugh. Really, stop laughing. It might be good.

You might actually… okay, you’re still laughing. *sigh*

There are others, but these are at the top of the list for now. I’m also planning on editing some of my earlier short stories into an anthology just for the hell of it. Hey, I enjoyed writing every grisly moment of them, why not share? I might resurrect some of my unfinished stories, but with the list above, they can definitely wait.

Danes: On that note, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to you and your fans. I’m a new indie author, so I definitely need the exposure. I want to mention that if anyone has any questions for me, would like any freebies or just want to say hi, you can head over to my website and leave me a message or a comment.

In the year 2036, solar storms batter Earth crippling electrical infrastructures across the globe. Night falls and the ensuing pandemonium claims millions of lives, catapulting the world into chaos. In the midst of this global turmoil a hero emerges. The altruistic SUN Council intercedes, constructing enormous domes on each continent to protect the world?s population from the radioactive CME?s of the incessant solar storms.

But not everyone makes it to the domes. In an attempt to survive the deadly radiation, hundreds of thousands of people dig into the earth, living in squalor under an oppressive military dictatorship. How centuries later, the final stage of the SUN Council?s plan to decimate the world?s population approaches. But as victory glimmers on the horizon, two women from discordant halves of this new world start to unravel the conspiracy.

Author Bio
Ronel is a brand-spanking new indie author. She loves creating fantastical worlds set in the future, the mythical, and the horrific. Translate: She writes science-fiction, fantasy and horror novels.
Her life story is not particularly fascinating, but her love of technology, PC games and writing is. Beside writing, she spends her time slaying rendered baddies in the form of robots, gangsters and aliens - with any weapon that happens to be at hand.

Ronel has published her first science-fiction book, Compile: Quest. She's currently hard at work creating the second book in the Corrupted SUN Script trilogy. When she's not writing, she's gaming, and when she's not gaming she's either sleeping or eating, as these are prerequisites for a continued life on planet Earth.

truth = (trust/ignorance) * propoganda

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New Blog Review of THE LAST HERO

"Review: The Last Hero is an action packed tale filled with twists and turns, but the factor that makes it stand out from the crowd is the heartfelt emotion that lies at the heart of it all. If you love sci fi, but are looking for something a little different - I highly recommend this book. Nathaniel Danes has a brilliant way with words and the plot flows perfectly because of it."

Book Blog Review Site

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Met Melinda Brasher - Author, traveler, dreamer

Melinda Brasher loves visiting alternate worlds through books and exploring this world through travel. She's currently quite obsessed with Alaska, and has lived in Poland, Mexico, and the Czech Republic, teaching English as a second language. Her short fiction appears in The Future Fire, Enchanted Conversation, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and others. Visit her online at melindabrasher.com

By Melinda Brasher

Takumi shoved the slimy thing in Victoria’s face, his eyes wide as his smile. “Look,
Mom. It likes me.”

Victoria laughed. This was a far cry from Takumi’s first eight years of life, growing up
in Tokyo, where his feet had touched the ground maybe twice, where the potted plants in
the sky bridges had a rubbery look.

“Did you ever see a slug back on Earth?” Takumi asked.

On their yearly vacations, they’d taken him to the sea, the Peace Gardens, and even the
protected forests of United Europe. They’d spent three days on a working farm once as
part of an ecotour. Still, none of that had rivaled the wild emptiness of New Eden, where
you didn’t have to stay on trails, where pesticides and repulsion fields hadn’t cleaned up
the outdoors for all the gawking tourists.

“I don’t think that’s a slug,” Victoria said. Half of her wanted to reach out and touch the
squishy blue-black mess of living matter squirming lazily between Takumi’s fingers.
Probably she should tell him to put it down. It could be poisonous. Full of germs at the
least. But she didn’t have the heart. Instead she looked over her shoulder to see if her
husband had any biological theories to share.

Kiyoshi wasn’t even looking at them. He’d stopped between two trees, his head twisted
back, his body completely still.

“What is it?” she asked, instinctively lowering her voice.

His head snapped back toward them. “Nothing.”

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RevolutionSF.com Book Probe Review of THE LAST HERO

Book Probe
"This book is military space action, but its emotional core is the key to its success. The hero has a daughter, which I highly recommend to anybody.

The strong emotional content is the foundation of a healthy construct of explosions and fighting. Can a book do both well? Sure. Here it is. I could have used more commas, and more proofreading. I can’t un-see such things. It’s a curse. But hey, your mileage may vary.

The fighting is boldly written, with the cathartic thrill of good guys beating up bad guys.
As for the stuff with the dad and his daughter, this book struck me right in the feelings. I also highly recommend that."
Link to Book Probe Reviews

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NEW RELEASE - THE LAST HERO, a military SciFi Novel

Contact with a race of pacifists convinces mankind to lay down its weapons and keep the peace. The last Medal of Honor recipient, Trent Maxwell, trades glory for the comforts of a family after the U.S. Army disbands. All that ends when an alien menace attacks the New Earth colony, which forces a crash mobilization. Trent finds himself reactivated and traveling through space to distant worlds, in order to stop this new enemy. During the century long journey of death, love, and loss, he also deals with the law of relativity that wreaks havoc with his daughter.

Preview first three chapters here

Order on Amazon here

Order on Amazon here

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Military Science Fiction Dot Com Interviews Nathaniel Danes

MilSciFi.com recently interviewed me in anticipation of my first novel, The Last Hero, set to be released on Oct. 14.

Click Here to Read Interview

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Check out my new website!

Cover reveal for my first novel!

The Last Hero, published by Solstice Publishing, goes on pre-sale on Friday, Sept. 12.

 NEW Military Adventure SciFi Novel!

Contact with a race of pacifists convinces mankind to lay down its weapons and keep the peace. The last Medal of Honor recipient, Trent Maxwell, trades glory for the comforts of a family after the U.S. Army disbands. All that ends when an alien menace attacks the New Earth colony, which forces a crash mobilization. Trent finds himself reactivated and traveling through space to distant worlds, in order to stop this new enemy. During the century long journey of death, love, and loss, he also deals with the law of relativity that wreaks havoc with his daughter.